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About Xposed Photography

Since we have been in business, we have had this idea that if we provide quality work & it's affordable, we would become succsessful. 

We knew that word of mouth would be the ultimate advertising tool.  So to this day we offer the same great customers service to keep our name clean & make our customer's satisfied with our work.

Our Service's:

Our photography service specialize's in:  Model portfolio's, Promotions, Advertisements, Family Gatherings, Parties, Just about any Occasion,                                                           AND NOW WEDDINGS!

About Wedding Photography:  We are adding Weddings to our service list because we know how in demand such services are needed, therefore Photographers can basicly charge anything and people will pay.  Well we are not downing anybody but we feel that we would like to offer our services at the same or better quality for a much more resonable price.    

About Our Studio:                                                                                 

Studio stands 1,840 sq ft and located of N. Main St in Pawtucket, RI (Pawtucket/Providence line). Our studio is used for Porttraits, Modeling Portfolio Work, & Commercial Use. Studio is equiped with loading dock, elevator, & restroom.

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